Vesgate Lawton (as female)

Vesgate Fender (née Lawton) is a major character that appears in most books, mainly in Ace Detective Case Files. He is a private investigator who takes cases in his office, the Lawton Investigations Office, which is previously owned by his father and mother. He also became a secret agent in the STRIKE Agency, an in international espionage, law-enforcement, and counter-terrorism agency, under the codename, Agent Widow. He was also briefly hired by the SHADE Agency to do a mission. He was needed to turn into female for a certain reason, but the effects wore off, making him turn back again. In his time of being female, he married Xeno Fender and became the mother of two sons, namely Adam and Zéphyrine. He also disguised in Ace Attorney Executions: Despair & Retributions as a student named Serena Vant, a maid with the title: Ultimate Maid and is one of the students that survived.

Vesgate Lawton (as male)


Vesgate Lawton (as Serena Vant)

Name Vesgate Lawton Fender (née Jones Lawton)
Nicknames/Aliases Ves, Vessy, Gate, Gates, Agent Widow, Serena Vant, Ultimate Maid
Age 22-30
Gender Male, Female (formerly; was forced to turn back)
Birthdate August 5, 2007
Status Alive (was killed by Victor Dooms, averted)
Essence Color Blue (Integrity)
Occupation Private Investigator, STRIKE Agent (Spy and Information Division), SHADE Special Agent (briefly)
Affiliation Lawton Investigations Office, The Fender Law Agency, Police Department, STRIKE Agency, Remnants of Hope, SHADE Agency (briefly)
Special Abilities/Equipment Rapid-fire Deductions, Acting, Voice Changing and Replication, Voice Changer Choker, Lovelust Gene-enhanced Seduction, STRIKE Agency Style Traditional Martial Arts
Family Arthur Lawton (father), Evie Lawton (mother, disappeared), Cely Lawton (older sister), Dr. Willard Quant (father figure, former client), Nova Quant (older brother figure, childhood best friend/crush)
Friends Xeno Fender (husband, former client, former defense attorney, investigative partner), Angel Silveria (former girlfriend, investigative partner), Samuels "Sams" Underwood (protector, former client), Kasper Underwood (protector, sometimes friends, mostly one-sided on Vesgate's side), Papirus Underwood (protector), Zena Courtney/The Director (younger sister figure, unknowingly STRIKE superior), Mattea Li/Agent Daring (school friend, investigative partner, STRIKE agency friend), Caleb Magtibay (school friend, investigative partner), Christine Séraphine Evans (best friend, employee, investigative partner), Pyre Alister (friend), Voltro Alister (friend), AVIA/Avia Courtney/EVA (younger sister figure, AI assistant, friend, unknowingly STRIKE information assistant), Adam Fender (eldest son), Zéphyrine Fender (youngest son), Antonio Ragasaki (love interest as amnesiac Serena Vant)
Acquaintances Chrysalis Starr (former client), Tommy Thomson (former client), Ancient Spirits (former client, acquaintance), Paul Leece (police department superior), Dr. Edgar Zamboss (acquaintance), Elias DeActeur (favorite actor)
Debut Story Ace Detective Case Files: A New Beginning
Leitmotif Vesgate Lawton ~ Disagreement (Original Name: Dating Fight! - Undertale), Vesgate Lawton ~ Normal Guy/Girl, Strange Life (Original Name: Dating Start! - Undertale), Reminiscence ~ Disappearance (Original Name: Quiet Water - Undertale)
Creator TheCoolGuy05 (Lance)


When she was still male, she had a blue hair that fades to a lighter shade that barely reaches the back of her shoulder and has side bangs. Her eyes are turquoise in color. She wore a dark blue trenchcoat over a long-sleeved white dress shirt with a blue necktie designed with light-blue stripes, along with black pants and metallic blue shoes. She has permanent blushes present on her cheeks, even after turning female.

Vesgate was known for her girly and cute face even when she was still a boy, making people mistake her for a girl. Her body was also slim and short, adding more to her feminine traits. With her feminine appearance along with her quite feminine voice, people say that there is very little to no sign of masculinity on her.

Her clothing in A New Beginning helped her from being mistaken as a girl. But with the unchanged face, Xeno still thought that she looks like a girl.

Aside from having long hair, breasts, and other female characteristics, nothing much changed in Vesgate's physical appearance when she turned into a girl. She wears her hair in two long ponytails, the rest falling down to her shoulders. She also wears a turquoise clip on a side of her head to keep a side bang from falling. She wore a denim jacket over a turquoise one piece dress, along with blue sandals. 

As Agent Widow, she wears a black latex catsuit with thigh-high boots, black gloves, and a utility belt around her waist. She wore a voice changer choker around her neck and sunglasses installed with EVA interface. She has a small earpiece in her ear. She also wore her hair in a ponytail, the rest fall down her back and shoulders. Her hair is dyed black. When she was still male, she wore this kind of hairstyle as a wig. She also wore fake breasts while being Widow when she was still male.

As Serena, she wears a black and white colored café maid outfit, along with a white headdress, long black socks, and heeled black sandals. She wore a black wig to cover her natural hair. She also wore a pair of hazel-colored contact lenses. She also wore her voice changer choker around her neck. She wore fake breasts when she was disguising as Serena when she was still male. 

When in 'Seduction Mode', her eyes turn somewhat soulless or will have no sparkle on them, regardless of contact lenses. 

Her appearances vary as she undercover as many different aliases.