Welcome to the Ace Detective Wikia

Welcome, coolsies, to the Ace Detective wikia! I am just a mere Wattpad author who writes stories about an Ace Attorney alternate universe. This site contains spoilers for my Ace Detective stories in Wattpad! You've been warned~!

These are my different series of stories connected in one universe:

  • Ace Detective Case Files - A New Beginning, Reappearance, STRIKE Returns, Turnabout Loss, Turnabout Amour
  • Ace Detective Agent Files - STRIKE Rises, All That Remains, Retaliation, Civil War, Psychic Domination Disaster, SHADE
  • Ace Detective Phantom Files - Turnabout Switched, Turnabout Memory, Turnabout Riddled Past, Agents of SOUL
  • Ace Attorney - Start of A New Life, The Killing Game, Other Side
  • Ace Attorney Investigations - The Paradoxical Turnabout, High School Genocide, Operation: Alpha Despair
  • Ace Attorney Executions - Despair and Retribution, Digital Desperation, Remnants of Hope, HOPE, Medieval Mayhem, Trip to Despair

That's all of them for now! There'll be more in the future!

Also, there are other characters involved in my stories that are not mine and I was just permitted to use them. So, credits and thanks for them!

Hope you enjoy this wiki!

(Keep in note that the character's images that are in this wiki were done in Rinamru. I cannot provide professional images for them since I cannot draw decent ones.)

What's this Wikia for?

Well, whether you wanna know the cute and girly private investigator Vesgate Lawton's past, Mattea Li, the girl with supernatural senses, or the superhero wannabe Papirus Underwood, this wiki has it all! I decided to create this wikia for my Ace Attorney fanfic books: the Ace Detective series/saga. If you've read my books, then thanks! If you just happened to stumble by, feel free to check it out! You'll never know, this might become one of your interest! Give it a chance, eh?

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